Adult/Teen Kung Fu & Self Defense Class



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The Adult Kung Fu class starts out teaching basic skills, fist forms (boxing), weapon forms, self-defense forms, and Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing). Beginning skill training focuses on the basic Kung Fu movements including striking, kicking, jumping, defensive/offensive stances, and basic forms. Training then continues to more advanced movements, techniques, and forms.


Fist form (boxing) training teaches over 30 forms. Beginning forms include Five Motion, Shaolin Long Fist, etc. Advance Forms include Long Fist, Southern Fist, animal forms, etc.


      Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing) involves kicks, strikes, throws and locks. This             training is designed for different levels of students with fun and effective          practices. It focuses on coordination between partners. Self-defense forms and individual movement forms are used to teach offense and defense.





Benefits of Kung Fu:


 Increases flexibility, strength, stamina, reflexes, balance, and over-all          physical condition. Aids in weight loss and control and improves health. Raises self confidence and body image and reduces stress.