Children's Kung Fu Class



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Children's Kung Fu classes are most suitable for children who are at least 3 years of age. The Kids Kung Fu classes are similar to Adult Kung Fu classes in the teaching of basic skills, fist forms, weapons and self-defense forms. Initial class emphasis is on body conditioning, coordination, flexibility and strength development.


                      A wide variety of stances, kicking and striking techniques are                       practiced individually then combined in barehand and weapon                               routines, which introduce coordination of stepping, blocking, striking,                and kicking and develop physical memory skills. The student will develop           a strong foundation of martial arts techniques as well as natural, fluid body-           mechanics which can be applied to more advanced Kung Fu training as well as to other sporting activities.


The class environment and teaching methods are designed to downplay aggressive behavior and to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and team-effort. In addition to Kung Fu practices, the instructors also educate the children with the culture and values of Kung Fu on top of instructing them in the martial arts. The instructors develop caring relationships with the students and teach them respect, discipline, and self confidence which reach into all aspects of their life.





Benefits of Kung Fu:

Enhanced self discipline, increased confidence, improves focus, concentration, patience and respect, and increases flexibility, strength, and balance.