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Tai Chi is an internal health and movement exercise that starts with breathing and Qi Gong. This practice aims to relax the body and mind, and to increase strength and sensitivity through cultivation of Qi.


Tai Chi classes begin with introduction of the essential postures of Yang Style Tai Chi with emphasis on balance, relaxation, joint-loosening and increasing circulation. Beginners start with Eight Form Tai Chi and then learn the other forms including Twenty-four Form and Forty-two Form. Training also includes push hands and Tai Chi Sword.


Sensitivity to one's surroundings and to others is developed through the practice of pushing hands with a partner. At the intermediate level, the emphasis is placed on proper body alignment, fluid coordination of movements, breathing techniques and cultivation of energy.





Benefits of Tai Chi:


Reduces stress, increases coordination, enhances the immune system, improves focus and concentration, increases flexibility, improves strength and balance, and improves memory and circulation.